Monday, 13 June 2011

Listography...Places I'd Like to Visit

Kate has got our wanderlust juices flowing with this week's Listography, as she challenges us to come up with 5 places we'd like to visit.  Now, for me this is a great prompt.  I've hardly been anywhere due to my numerous travel phobias...but I can fantasize about far flung shores as well as anyone else!  In fact fantasizing is just perfect as I don't have to worry about actual travel arrangements, missing left phalanges on aeroplanes or lack of veggie options in the All-Inclusive hotel buffet.

So I'd like to go to:

Bora Bora

My sister's ex-husband now lives the jet set lifestyle of the rich and famous and last year he posted some holiday photos on Facebook.  I happened upon his pictures of the French Polynesian resort of Bora Bora and the pang of envy was palpable!  The luxury stilted huts standing in the crystal, blue sea looked so inviting.  Sea Turtles swim around freely.  It looks like paradise.  I can just imagine sitting on the stairs with my feet dangling in the water sipping juice from a coconut shell.

Atlantis Dubai

I am a sucker for a resort, and this is a resort and a half!!  I want to slide through the glass tunnels and see sharks.  I want white beaches and warm Arabic seas.  I want a Regal Presidential Suite with VIP perks and sweeping views of the bay.  Sadly, the best I can aspire to is Centre Parcs on a wet weekend in September.


I want to go to a sanctuary and hug a baby Orang-Utan, the most ginger of all monkeys.  I want a piece of that ape-ish action.  They are so gorgeously cute.  The sumptuous jungle looks perfect for exploring.  I would love to don my Lara Croft-esque outfit and hit the undergrowth to explore.

New York

I have a passion for coffee shops and where better to experience a cup of Mocha with whipped cream than New York??  I would feel like I was in the cast of Friends sat with my cup and my newspaper watching the world go by.  Then I would pop into the big toy shop and play a giant piano like Tom Hanks did in Big.  Good times.  

Necker Island

I would love to be a guest of Richard Branson on his island.  The peace, the tranquility, the isolation.  Blissful! I'd let my nearest and dearest join me in this little piece of Virgin paradise.  We could relax and simply be.  No distractions...apart from the gorgeous house with waiting staff, spa treatments and wonderful chefs catering to our every whim.  Mmm...what a hard life!!

Sadly though, due to my massive inability to book holidays due to the massive list of irrational fears I have, the furthest I'll be heading this year will be to Cybermummy.  I will continue to dream about beautiful places and imagine them in all their glory from the comfort of my Harveys Sofa...but that is as far as it gets.  So thanks Kate for allowing me the great pleasure of wishing I was there!


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