Monday, 13 June 2011

Teen Bling...Safe Accessories for Tweens!

My 8 year old daughter is at that stage where she wants to wear jewellery but isn't really old enough to be responsible for expensive necklaces which could easily get  broken.  I'd hate to see her upset if she snapped a chain or even worse, got hurt by catching a metal or strung bead necklace round her neck.

Young girls love fashion and creativity but they also need their jewellery to be safe.  That's why when the lovely Lynne from Teething Bling offered us the chance to try out Teen Bling I knew a little girl who would only be too happy to help out!

Teen Bling (or Tween Bling as the Americans call it!)  is made from the same material as the Teething Bling, but it comes in funky vibrant colours perfect for fashionable young ladies!  They are aimed at tweens who want to look stylish, but need to be safe.  The silicone contains no harmful chemicals and are free from BPAs, PVC, lead and latex.  They are flexible, bendable and can even be chewed on...much more hygienic than chewing hair or pen tops!!  My daughter fiddles with everything so this pendant is an ever present object that she can play with without causing any damage or harm, or leaving a trail of fiddled with objects strewn around the house!

The Teen Bling necklace that Kizzy was sent to try was Hot Pink and also was Berry Scented.  The fragrance helps keep the wearer focused!  The 2x2" donut shape pendant is strung onto a black silky cord with a breakaway clasp for safety.  It is fun, vibrant and stylish and very practical for a busy pre-teen!

Kizzy loved the colour, she loved "squidging it" and I caught her having the occasional chew on it!  She liked the scent love 'smelly' things.  She loves scented felt tips and pencils so this was right up her street!!

She felt very grown-up with her jewellery and it was reassuring to know it was safe (even if little brother Freddy grabbed it!!)  It carries the CE trademark which means it has been tested to the strictest safety standards.  You can also put it in the dishwasher to keep it hygienically clean.

Even when she was playing outside I wasn't worried about necklace related mishaps.  I really think this is a great product.  The quality is great, it isn't brittle and breakable like some of the hard plastic pendants in the shops.  It is soft so there are no hard edges that could snag clothing or stick into the skin whilst playing.  The clasp adds an element of safety that puts mums' minds at rest.  And it really looked good and bang on trend with its oversized shape and low hang.

The necklace sells on Smart Mum UK for £12.95.  Other colours are available including Lollipop and Peachy Peach...perfect for little girls.  Co-ordinating bangles are also available for £8.95, made from the same material.

The Teen Bling definitely fills a gap in the market for safe, stylish fashion accessories for girls aged 8-12 years old.  It would make a lovely gift for any young girl.  Kizzy says "I love it and it is fantastic in all ways possible! It makes me feel very pretty!"  So, I think that is a definite thumbs up!!!!


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