Sunday, 12 June 2011

Make Me Yummy Bloghop

Would Like to Be a Yummy Mummy hosts a lovely bloghop where we are invited to share our favourite beauty must haves.  She asks us to share our secrets to help make it easier for us all to become yummier!

I'm not a big user of beauty products.  I have a simple regime that hasn't changed in years but there are two products that I wouldn't do without.

One of my favourite shops is Lush and I absolutely adore their Coalface Soap.  It looks black and dirty but nothing makes my skin feel as clean as this soap.
It contains soothing sandalwood oil and liquorice root, said to help cells regenerate and minimize wrinkles, and also charcoal which is exfoliating and absorbs excess oil.  It is a must have in my house...but it leaves the sink looking a bit mucky if it splashes around!!

It costs £4.35 for 100g and that lasts for ages.

My second fave product is actually something I reviewed when I first started to blog.  My Salux Wash Cloth has become an absolute must have when I have a shower.  It is an exfoliating cloth that is really long so you can get to all those hard to reach places on your back really easily.  It turns any shower gel into an exfoliating experience, and makes tonnes of bubbles out of a little product.  I am currently using it with some Original Source Mint Shower Gel which is invigorating!  It makes it seem like a luxurious spa treatment rather than an everyday shower gel.

Here is a link to my full review for the Salux Wash Cloth.  It really is a way to get smooth skin with minimum effort.  It cots £4.99 on Amazon which I think is a bargain!!  Mine is still as good as new and I've used it for 8 months now.  It doesn't go mouldy or smelly and is machine washable.

What is your favourite beauty product?  Link up and then hop around to discover some other tried and tested products that will help you on your journey to becoming a yummy mummy!


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