Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Gallery...Dads

With Father's Day on June 19th, Tara has quite fittingly dedicated this week's Gallery to "Dads".  So I am dedicating my entry to my husband Ian.

He is the most dedicated, committed, caring, patient, understanding and resourceful parent I have ever come across.  He puts me to shame at times!  He is a wonderful dad to our five kids.

 Joe at 22 aspires to be like his Dad and is following  his career path.  

Megan at 19 knows that if she phones her Daddy at 2am from university because she has a problem,  he will be there in a shot to help her.  

15 year old Ella shares her Dad's passion for music and they play their guitars together which fills me with pride. 

Kizzy is 8 and  is Daddy's little ray of sunshine who makes him laugh. 

 Little Freddy is Daddy's little man who runs to the door with his arms flung open wide when he hears his Dad come home from work.

Go check out other entries at Sticky Fingers and help celebrate all the other wonderful Dads out there!!


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