Monday, 13 June 2011

Dinner Time with Avent

We were sent an Avent Toddler Plate and Cutlery Set to try out.  We have tested some lovely baby feeding bowls over the last few months, but as Freddy is getting older and hungrier, they are getting a bit too small!  

The Avent Plate (for ages 12 months+) is a good size, perfect for a toddler's growing appetite.  It has dividers to keep food separate on the plate and make scooping up things like baked beans much easier.  It has an anti-slip base which is very effective and prevents toppling and spills.  It is easy clean being dishwasher safe and can even go in the microwave.  The plate is BPA free, which is something we all want in our baby products!  The knife, fork and spoon set (for ages 18 months +) are weighted for easily handling and they are curved for little hands to hold easily.  They have a long reach and are also anti-slip so they stay put on the highchair tray or table. The deep fork has rounded prongs and the knife is not sharp, so they are a perfect introduction to using cutlery safely and independently.

The set was developed in conjunction with psychologist Dr Gillian Harris.  The educational design encourages eating through fun learning, so even fussy eaters will be eager to have their meals.  Cute characters and objects can encourage storytelling.  Toddlers can count the apples on the trees, name animals, brush up on number skills and practice their speech as they chat about the picture.

The plate held a good sized toddler meal of Quorn nuggets, veggies and baked potato!

I left Fred to his own devices and he tucked in effortlessly using his little fork to scoop up the food easily from within the divided sections.  The angle of the cutlery made it easy to transfer from plate to mouth without dropping it.

Here's a picture of Freddy in action!!


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