Tuesday, 21 June 2011

B Record Plus Trial

When I was offered the opportunity to trial the new energy drink B Record Plus, I thought I was going to be sampling a bottle of fizzy pop with added caffiene that would give me wings!!  When the 10 day supply arrived I realised that this was something quite different.

The medicinal package contained 10 vials of the energy drink, one of which is to be taken every morning on an empty stomach.

B Record Plus is specially formulated with amino acids and vitamin B12, which help your body produce energy to support you both physically and mentally.

If taken for ten days it can provide a much needed energy boost for new mums, busy women, people recovering from illness or injury or stressed business people.  In fact anyone who could do with a dose of extra energy.  Results should take effect after 2-3 days.  The specific blend of micronutrients support the metabolism, helping you meet the demands of a busy life.

A survey of 1000 women showed that 75% of them kept their tiredness a secret for fear of appearing a failure.  71% admitted to feeling the stress of everyday life and motherhood.  I'm happy to tell everyone that I am exhausted much of the time, running around after my toddler and doing school runs!  I guess I'm in the minority!!  Nell McAndrew is the poster girl for B Record Plus endorsing the positive effects of this liquid food supplement.

I started taking B Record Plus following a throat infection, so I was quite low.  I have taken the full 10 day supply.

Did I feel more energetic?

This is a tricky one to answer.  Because I was recovering from an infection I don't know how tired I would have been had I not taken it.  I won't say that I felt full of life because I didn't, but I certainly didn't feel any more tired than usual.  I didn't have the debilitating fatigue that I sometimes feel first thing in the morning following being poorly, so that could well be down to the B Record Plus.  It is always tricky to quantify the effects of a food supplement.  However, knowing that I was getting micronutrients and vitamin B12 was really reassuring. 

It is good to know that it was caffeine free as it is a chemical I try to avoid.  The energy boost with B Record Plus is more sustained and not short lived like the hit you get off caffeine.

From a completely personal point of view, I really didn't like the Wild Cherry flavour which was very sweet and concentrated, which was a shame for me.  I love the idea of an energy supplement but the taste just didn't work for me.  I did persevere by knocking it back in one gulp...all in the name of the trial.  If it had been available in a different flavour I'm sure my experience would have been more pleasant...but I do stress this is down purely to my own personal taste.  (I don't even like Blackforest Gateau because of the cherry layer!!)

B Flavour Plus currently retails at £12.99 for a ten day supply.  

It is completely natural, vegetarian and suitable for ages 12 and up (perfect for teens taking exams!)

Nell McAndrew said:

“I’ve definitely felt the benefit from using B Record Plus. Unlike energy drinks, it helps build sustainable energy and all the ingredients are natural.”  

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