Thursday, 9 June 2011

EverEarth Shape Sorter Box

Wooden Toys for Toddlers

EverEarth's Shape Sorter is another lovely, traditional wooden toy from Babe-Equip.  Made of natural wood from renewable forests and painted with water based paints, it is safe for both the planet and your toddler.  It comes attractively presented in recycled packaging.

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It is for children aged 18 months + and encourages shape and colour recognition and problem solving.

The 13cm x 13cm x 13cm wooden cube has a lift off lid and contains ten colourful wooden blocks in different shapes.

The Shape Sorter Box is beautifully made with no rough edges and the box lids fits on really well into the cut out edges at the top of the cube.

Freddy was very attracted to the Shape Sorter. He enjoyed trying to put the lid on the box and playing with the blocks.   

Freddy is a very physical little boy who can climb, jump, kick, run and throw as well as any baby I've ever seen.  However, he is not the most patient little lad and his spatial awareness is a little lacking (he takes after me in that respect!)  So puzzles frustrate him!  But I was pleased that the nice chunky shape sorter held his concentration.  He was able to manipulate the blocks in his hand and try to fit them in the holes in the box.  He wasn't always successful but he had fun trying!

I was very impressed by the EverEarth Shape Sorter Box jut like I was with the Pull Back Car.  The EverEarth range is absolutely lovely and includes other items such as an activity cube, a farm set, a truck, a kitchen, a work bench, a pull along T-Rex and a gorgeous Noah's Ark playset.  Babe-Equip stocks most of the range and is bringing it to their customers for the best price possible.

The EverEarth Shape Sorter can be purchased from Babe-Equip for £14.99 which is a great price for a solid wooden, educational, eco-friendly toy.  


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