Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Scuttlebug...The Folding Ladybird Trike

The Mookie Scuttlebug is an innovative toddler tricycle which is designed to look like a friendly bug.  With a Bumble Bee, Dragonfly, Flower Bug and Ladybird to choose from, there is a character to delight every toddler.  

The Scuttlebug  needs no assembly.  It folds flat for storage or transport in three easy steps, making it perfect to pop in the car for going on holiday or visiting friends or family.  It is lightweight, compact and durable.

The foot to floor ride-on technique is easy to master allowing fun and freedom for your toddler.  The Scuttlebug is stable with front wheel steering for excellent manoeuvrability.  It is great for developing balance and physical skills.  The wheels give a smooth, quiet ride making it perfect for indoor or outdoor play.

Freddy took to the Scuttlebug instantly exclaiming "Wow!" as it came out of the box.  He got straight onto to it and happily scuttled about using his feet to propel himself.  He wasn't sure about steering at first, but it was lovely to watch him figure out how to move in the direction he wanted using the handlebars (instead of stopping, picking it up and pointing it in the way he wanted to go!)

Learning to steer

Here is our video review of Freddy playing on his Ladybird Scuttlebug.

We love the Scuttlebug.  It is fun for Freddy to play on and is developing skills which will help him to eventually ride a 2 wheeler when he's a bigger boy, such as balance and steering!  I love that it can be folded so easily, making it easy to store away and very portable.  The character of the Ladybird is so appealing with a cute face and patterned body/seat.  It is a really unique toy, perfect for toddlers.  

The Mookie Scuttlebug is available from Amazon for £24.99
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