Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Child Safety Week....Protecting Our Children

This week is Child Safety Week, sponsored by safety specialists Lindam and retail giants Argos.  Organised by the Child Accident Prevention Trust, the aim of the week is to raise awareness of the accidents that injure or kill children and advise parents on how to avoid them.

As a mum to a toddler, this is something very close to my heart.  I am one of those mothers who sees danger in everything.  I am a self-confessed worrier!  But I don't want to wrap my toddler in cotton wool.  Bumps and bruises are an important part of growing up, as children seek independence and explore their environment.  However, as parents, it is vital that we take steps to minimize the dangers.  The theme to this year's Child Safety Week is "Take a Second Look for Safety".

We often take things for granted  and don't notice potential dangers in the home.  Lindam have created a virtual tour to highlight potential dangers which reminds us of things we can do to protect our children in the home.

The statistics for accidents in the home are shocking, but most of the accidents are avoidable.  Sometimes we simply don't realise that our toddler has grown tall enough to reach dangerous items which were previously out of harm's way. Their advancements can take us by surprise. So we really do have to keep child safety at the forefront of our minds on a day to day basis to pre-empt potential hazards in the home.

Consider these facts:

  • Over 500 under fives are rushed to casualty every week because of burns and scalds with hot drinks being the number one cause.  
  • Everyday a child under 5 is admitted to hospital after being scalded by bath water.  It takes just 5 seconds for a toddler to suffer third degree burns from hot water.
  • 41,000 under fives go to hospital due to a fall down the stairs.
  • 12 children a day are admitted to hospital for swallowing dangerous substances.
  • Traffic causes half of all accidental deaths in children.
  • Over two thirds of all cycling deaths involve a head injury.
  • 6000 housefires every year are caused by under tens.
  • A toddler can drown in 5cm of water
It is tragic that avoidable accidents can kill or seriously injure children.  We can't protect our children from everything, but we can do our best to avoid many common dangers by taking sensible precautions and taking a second look for potential dangers.

Cycle Helmets protect against head injuries.
Safety Reins with Grab Handle
Lindam is the UK's number one safety brand with 20 years experience and an award winning portfolio of home safety products including stair gates, play pens, travel accessories and bed rails.  The products are available to purchase from Argos.


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