Monday, 20 June 2011

The Perfect Toy for Daddy's Little Helper

Wooden Toy Shop is an online site selling contemporary, traditional, classic and modern wooden toys for children of all ages.  The toys are are eco-friendly and built to last ensuring years of play value.  Stocking toys from well known brands such as Pintoy and John Crane, alongside less well known brands that produce beautifully crafted handmade wooden toys and furniture, their range is extensive.  With excellent customer service and free delivery to the UK mainland, Wooden Toy Shop is the perfect place to buy wooden toys.

We were delighted to be offered the chance to review a Pintoy Tool Box from  I am a big fan of Pintoy Toys.  I love the quality, craftsmanship and play value of their traditional wooden toys.

When it arrived I was pleased to see the packaging was not excessive and was mostly recyclable.  The set itself contained a sturdy wooden tool box, with a screwdriver, spanner and hammer along with a selection of nuts, bolts, screws and nails.  They were all perfect for little hands to hold!  All the bits fitted into the tool box for storage and could be carried from job to job by Freddy.

He immediately grabbed the hammer and banged the wooden nails into the holes.  With some encouragement he worked out how to put screws into the screw holes on the tool box and use the screwdriver to turn them.  I could see him using hand eye co-ordination and developing his fine motor skills as he used the tools.  He used problem solving strategies as he figured out how the nuts and bolts went together.

Freddy loved playing with his Daddy and the scope for role playing is great.  Freddy recognised the tools from watching Handy Manny on the Disney Junior channel...I can see a few games being based around his favourite handy man!!

Priced at £24.45 it is a good value toy that will last for years to come.  Freddy loves it and it will give him practice for when he's being Daddy's Little Helper!


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