Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Staying Safe with Milton

You couldn't have failed to have seen news of the terrible E.coli outbreak that has effected so many families in Germany.  At first it was attributed to Spanish cucumbers before being tracked back to infected bean sprouts in Germany itself.  My immediate reaction when I first heard the news was to worry about feeding salad, fruit or fresh vegetables to my family. I take the quality of  food in the supermarkets for granted so this was a wake up call.  All it takes is one moment of careless handling in the supply chain and the ensuing consequences can be devastating.  The safety of my family is paramount to me.  So, when I was offered some products from Milton to test, I was particularly interested!

Milton Sterilising Fluid is generally associated with the sterilisation of baby bottles and equipment.  However, it is also food safe for ensuring that salads, fruits and vegetables are completely safe for consumption.  The FSA advises people to wash their produce in Milton solution for 20 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.  It leaves no taste and kills all the bacteria.  This is definitely good to know, and keeping a bottle of sterilising solution under the sink (even after the baby stage is over) is definitely a sensible idea!  It also is great for sterilising your washing up sponge...did you know it could be harbouring over 10,000 bacteria per square inch!

In addition to the fluid, Milton also has a range of products that will keep babies and children safe.  Their Sterilising Tablets are a convenient way of keeping baby's feeding essentials hygienically clean and are perfect for when on holiday. The tablets take just 15 minutes to sterilise baby's equipment, and the solution stays effective for 24 hours.

Milton produce an anti-bacterial Fabric Solution.  Clothing and bedding carries germs that can cause infections or bad smells.  With many of us washing our laundry at lower temperatures, many of the germs are not being killed in the washing process.  This is something that particularly occurs if you use re-usable nappies.    Milton Fabric Solution is a fresh smelling liquid that is added to the wash and eliminates germs even at low temperatures.  It is mild and gentle and can be used with all fabrics and on baby's clothing. If someone in the family has been ill, washing their clothing and bedding with Milton Fabric Solution can stop the spread of the illness.

Milton Surface Spray is a great defence against the micro-organisms that can cause food poisoning.  It can also protect against the spread of flu.  Effective against Salmonella, E.coli, Listeria and Candida, the spray can be used in kitchens, nurseries, bathrooms and toy rooms.  It has a pleasant scent and smells lovely and fresh  (and not like the chemical odour of a hospital!!)

The Antibacterial Surface Wipes are a convenient way of keeping things clean, especially when out and about.  They have the same anti-bacterial action as the spray and are perfect for use in restaurants, hotel rooms or when travelling to keep surfaces germ-free.  They are 100% bio-degradable so you needn't worry about them not being eco-friendly.  I love to keep a pack in my baby is very reassuring to know I can clean up any bacterial  'hotspots' wherever I am.  Also, they are great for running over my can hold more germs than the toilet!

The Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel is a handy size for carrying on your person to keep your hands germ free.  They are effective against bacteria and viruses such as flu, so can help stop the spread of infectious diseases.  It is great for travelling, when using public facilities, before eating or when looking after baby (particularly after nappy changes!)  The gel smells nice and doesn't dry out your hands as it is moisturised.  It doesn't leave a sticky residue either.

Milton have been protecting babies for over 60 years with their fast, safe and easy to use products.  Milton is trusted by millions of parents and healthcare professionals in the UK and beyond.

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