Monday, 13 June 2011

Show Us Your Shoes

Di from Superlucky has tagged me to Show My Shoes!  How I wish I had something exotic or marvellous to show, but years of inappropriate footwear has resulted in me having feet that literally quake at the sight of a spike heeled stiletto.  I have been strictly a DM, Converse, Uggs or Biker Boot kind of girl for years...with the occasional foray into flat sandals for summer!  I'm no Imelda Marcos (or Suri Cruise at that, with her reported £90,000 of heeled shoes!  Just what a five year old needs!)

So here especially for you shoe lovers out there....this is what I'm wearing right now! A little bit tragic I know..but uber comfy and practical!

Sometimes I wish for girl shoes.  How I'd love to look elegant clip clopping in a pair of these...

...but a bunion, fallen arches, ingrowing toe nails and a high instep put pay to that dream!  *sighs*

So without further ado I am tagging my big sister QWERTY Mum who will love an excuse to show off her dancing shoes, her 5" heels and her Ironfist Zombie Stompers.  I'm also going to tag The Crazy Kitchen because I bet Helen has some great shoes in her collection!!  So us your shoes!!


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