Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Curb the Carbs with Dreamfields Pasta

Yes, I'm on a diet again.  So the idea of consuming carbohydrates seems like I am just asking my body to lay down fat and bloat my tummy.  Pasta is such an amazingly versatile and tasty meal time option, but if you are trying to curb the carbs it becomes a big no-no. Thankfully though, there is now a way to enjoy a variety of pasta shapes, safe in the knowledge that it isn't hindering your diet attempts.  I have discovered Dreamfields!!

Dreamfields Pasta is great tasting and healthy, containing only 5g of digestible carbohydrates and twice the fibre of regular pasta.  It has a low Glycaemic index, in fact it is 65% lower than ordinary pasta.  This gives it significant health benefits!  It contains inulin which promotes digestive health and supports a healthy immune system, whilst enhancing calcium absorption. It is cholesterol free and contains no trans fats.

Dreamfields Pasta is made from quality Durum Wheat with no fillers, so it is really tasty.  It comes in seven mouthwatering varieties making it perfect for a whole host of dishes from Spaghetti Bolognese to Lasagne.

Dreamfields sent me a multi pack of their pasta to try out and I've used it in place of my regular pasta.  It really doesn't taste any different to my usual brand, in fact I think it held its texture better and didn't go starchy, so I was very impressed.  Some low GI pastas taste like cardboard but not is really delicious.

I particularly liked the "Elbow" shaped pasta as it held the sauce really well. My children enjoyed eating the Dreamfields Pasta making it suitable for all the family.

The reported benefits of a low GI diet include protection from chronic diseases, including diabetes, obesity, certain cancers and cardiovascular disease.  It helps keep blood glucose levels under control which is essential for diabetics.  The carbohydrates in Dreamfields Pasta are digested slowly, making you feel fuller for longer.  Many weight loss diets are based on the consumption of low GI foods.

We are vegetarian so we eat our pasta with veggie or Quorn based sauces.  This is our green lentil, red onion and tomato sauce.  It was an extremely healthy dinner!

Dreamfields Pasta is a guilt-free way to enjoy your favourite comfort food and is the perfect choice for health conscious pasta lovers.  It helps you beat the bloat and can help weightloss.  There is no longer any need to miss out on pasta even if you are curbing the carbs!

It is available to purchase from health food and specialist shops and online.  The multi-pack including one of each variety is available to purchase for £18.20 at the Dreamfields website.

I would highly recommend Dreamfields Pasta for its taste, texture and health benefits.


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