Thursday, 23 June 2011

Ryvita Crackers for Cheese

Ryvita have recently launched their new Crackers for Cheese.  Available in Golden Rye and Black Pepper flavours, they are light and airy with a distinctive crispy crunch.  They are perfect for your cheeseboard complementing the taste of both a strong crumbly, textured blue cheese, or a creamy, mild cheddar.

The cardboard outer packaging contains four individual plastic wrapped packs of crackers.  This keeps them fresh and makes them perfect for picnics or lunchboxes.

The Golden Rye Crackers are made with wholegrain rye and olive oil.  They are low in fat, high in fibre and just 27 calories per cracker.  The Black Pepper Crackers have the added kick of black pepper!

I was sent a box of each flavour to try out.  I was impressed with the texture of them.  I really liked how crispy they were and they didn't disintegrate into a pile of crumbs! I particularly enjoyed the Black Pepper flavoured crackers.  The peppery warmth and aroma were just right and they made a great alternative to bread.  They are a perfect vehicle for cheese and I also had them with mushroom pate! Very nice.

Don't expect them to be like an original Ryvita in cracker form...these are a completely different beast!!

Crackers play an important part in any cheeseboard and Ryvita have worked closely with cheese expert Juliet Harbutt from the British Cheese Board.  She has developed wonderful cheeseboards for every occasion with Ryvita Crackers for Cheese as the perfect partner.  Her top tip for these crackers is to serve Ryvita Black Pepper with a runny Camembert, and a strong, hard cheese like Cornish Yarg with the Ryvita Golden Rye.

They are available in major supermarkets priced at £1.25 for a 175g box.


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