Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Toyology....Waterwheel Playtable


Freddy, like most children, loves playing in water.  He loves pouring it and splashing it and generally having fun with it!  So when Toys R Us sent us the Waterwheel Playtable by Step 2 to test, we couldn't wait for a sunny day to try it out!

The Waterwheel Playtable was very easy to assemble, it simply required the three legs to be slotted into place to make a sturdy, elevated water activity table.  It came with a jug, a cup/funnel, a waterwheel and two little sail just add water and away you go!

I loved how interactive it was with the harbour, a canal and a deep section to sail your boats in.  The water wheel worked really well with the funnel and whizzed around much to Freddy's amazement.

My only criticism is that it did not come with a lid.  Even an elasticated, plastic lid (like a giant shower cap) would be a brilliant addition to the set.  The toys all fit into the table, but without a cover it is left open to the elements when not in use so we were fishing out dead flies by the afternoon.  

The Waterwheel Playtable is currently on sale at Toys R Us for £34.99.
This is a very good price for such a good sized water table that comes with a nice range of accessories.

Freddy has loved playing with the Waterwheel Playtable.  Due to it's size it lives outside, if it was to be used indoors you would need a big splash mat!



  1. We got one of those with a sand area too (double the size). The little one has always used it as a swimming pool and climbed right in

  2. Bless! I wonder if Fred will work that one out and go for a dip??? xxx

  3. Great review. I love water play and know that Esther and William will really enjoy their table when it arrives. I agree that a cover would be a sensible, practical addition x



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