Saturday, 16 November 2013

What Fred Said ... and a Few Beauties from his Big Sister Too!

Another week has come and gone, with lots of memorable moments in our family chatter.  Here are some of my favourites:

Freddy was thinking very hard before saying:
"I think Ella is my mummy."
I asked him that if that was the case what did that make me.  He thought long and hard again before saying dismissively:
"Oh, You're just some kid!"

Freddy was choking whilst eating an apple.  Ella and Megan went to his aid ready to give him a sharp smack on his back, but he composed himself and said:
"It went into my up-hole and into my brain instead of going into my down-hole and into my throat!"

He has been thinking about his future again.  "When I grow up I want to be an astronaut."  I was quite impressed with his ambitious plan and asked him what was he going to do as an astronaut.  Very nonchalantly he replied, " I'll get in a rocket and go up to kill the spiders on the moon!"

Freddy's other thing this week is to change words in songs to Poo Poo so I've enjoyed listening to The Killers classic "Are we human, or are we Poo Poo!" and Olly Murs's "Trouble Poo Poo".

Freddy was describing his teacher to my mum.  He said "She has blonde hair but the top bit is black."  My mum replied "Oh, it must be dyed ."  "No" he  replied, "she's still alive!"


Kizzy has yet again got in on the act with some really classic cock-ups this week that I've recorded for prosterity!

Kizzy though Je T'aime was French for river.  When questioned she said she thought that was where the Thames got its name from.

She made an interesting historical observation:
"I thought all Germans were blond.  Wasn't Hitler blond?" (Err no Kizzy!!)

Her geography has been a bit short of the mark this week too.
"Moscow's in Russia?  I thought it was in South America.  Near Brazil."

Followed by this gem when Ian announced he was working in Swindon next week.
"What?  You're working abroad?" (I think she was thinking of Sweden.)

The pair of them do make me laugh!

You can link up the things your little ones have said as Liska's Said It Saturday linky.


  1. It must be an absolute hoot and riot in your house. I wanna move in. Fred is older than Aaron so I am now hoping that Aaron will get even funnier like this. The comment about still alive has just had me LOL in an empty room (Aaron's in bed for once). He hasn't heard of roots then LOL.
    The bit about nonchalantly touched me, as that is often what makes Aaron funny; it oscillate from funny because of his emphasis, he'll go deep with BIG eyes, or he can be just as funny with the throw-away-ness of a comment.
    Thanks for hooking up honey xxx

  2. Apple on the brain is a very serious condition and no laughing matter! ;)

  3. you've got to love the word poo, since starting school we are all called 'poo poo'!
    Kizzy's Geography reminds me of Hanna...not so long ago she was looking at weather forecasts for Tennessee & when I asked her why she said that's where Nanny & Pop Pop were going....I was pretty sure they weren't going to the US & when I asked them they told me they were off to Tenerife!

  4. Yet again I have enjoyed reading "What Fred said" - there are some classic gems and now that Kizzy has got in on the act I have enjoyed her sayings as well. No wonder there is never a dull moment in your house. xxxx

  5. I've literally just laughed so hard. At work. By myself. Kizzy is soo dim, in the best way (: Je T'aime xxxx



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