Friday, 23 November 2012

Coming Together For Kerry

None of us who know Kerry could fail to be devastated by what has happened to her.  A beautiful woman, a loving mother and a supportive member of the blogging community, Kerry touched so many of our hearts.

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I first met Kerry at Cybermummy in 2011 and then again at various blogging events throughout the year.  She's lovely.  Always with a kind word and a friendly smile.  We ate lunch together at Christmas in July 2011  and Kerry was so enthusiastic about where her blogging was going, with plans being made and ideas flying around.  Earlier this year we heard the shocking and devastating news that Kerry had suffered a brain aneurysm.

Multiple Mummy

On November 24th at 10pm we are coming together to share positive thoughts, prayers and good wishes for Kerry in the hope that  our combined positivity will make a difference.   We are coordinating an outpouring of love focused on Kerry and her family, organised by Liska, who herself is an incredibly compassionate woman. Uniting to support a fellow blogger during times of need is what this community does best.  Whether you are religious or not, please spare a thought or a prayer for a young woman who is seriously ill.  Let's help make a miracle and bring Kerry home to her family.


  1. Oh gosh you have snapped me in that photo.
    Beautiful post honey. The heavens and the cyber waves will be (and are) full of positive healing vibes for Kerry. She is so deserving of all the love and support coming her way.
    You've also got BOTH Science Sparks girls in that photo.

    Lovely post,
    Liska xx

  2. Lovely post Wendy. Liska has been amazing organising this. I hope with all my heart that we can make a difference. xx

  3. So sorry to read this news. I've never had the privilege of meeting Kerry but I am familiar with her blog. I've visited from time to time and could not believe what I was reading. I truly hope she recovers and is back in the bosom of her family for the Christmas.

  4. Sums her up perfectly x

  5. What a brilliant post - I feel it is so positive and powerful. I hope all the prayers bring Kerry home soon. xx

  6. A beautiful post x



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