Saturday, 17 March 2012

Quinny Yezz Doing What It Does Best!

As a Quinny Caster I've been challenged to show the Yezz doing what it does best!!  It's the urban stroller designed to make the city its playground, perfect for public transport and the rigours of being in town with a toddler.  Unfortunately as far as this mission is concerned, I live in the country and the public transport links are worse than useless so to demonstrate the features and benefits of Quinny's funky Yezz we had to get creative.

The incredibly lightweight Yezz is small and compact when folded and comes with a strap to carry it over your shoulder.  Perfect for going up and down stairs and escalators and hopping on and off trains and buses.  Ian demonstrated this on our staircase!

The size of the folded stroller is perfect if you are sat on a seat of a train, bus or taxi.  It will sit easily between your feet meaning you don't have to struggle with stowing the Yezz in a storage facility.  Ian demonstrates on our makeshift bus seat!!

When you are in the city, you have to put your stroller up and down a lot as you reach escalators, stairs or get on or off the vehicle.  The Yezz can be put up with one hand and one foot really quickly and easily.  You could hold on to a toddler's hand or carry an infant with your other hand.  Very useful when travelling alone with your child.

City life can mean tight spaces and narrow gaps.  The Yezz's super manoeuvrability and compact design makes negotiating a busy, crowded area really easy.  Doorways, aisles, corridors and other tight squeezes are easily handled.  Check out Ian going through a doorway with bags of space to spare.

 The free standing feature is useful and would allow you to leave the pushchair stood up and keep your hands free.

The Yezz's lightweight frame makes this the lightest stroller to carry around, a real bonus when using a buggy in the busy city.  A cumbersome, heavy, complicated pushchair would be a hindrance,whereas the Yezz would be a real help in that situation.  You can see just how light this stroller is in this photo.

Although I did not test the Yezz in the city for this mission, I am soon to take Freddy to Alton Towers.  The Yezz will be perfect to ride the mono-rail, leave standing in Buggy Parks near the rides, negotiate the crowds and carry over our shoulder when Freddy decides he wants to have a run around.  We are also going to Disneyland Paris in a few weeks time and will be taking the Yezz.  It will take up hardly any boot space and again will be perfect in a theme park situation.  I'll definitely post some pics!!

The Yezz may not be perfect for all terrains and situations, but for urban life it can definitely reduce many of the problems associated with using a pushchair.  Plus, it's very comfy for your tot to travel in.  It's a great investment for a non-city dweller like me, as a second stroller for travelling, urban use and on holiday.


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