Saturday, 24 March 2012

Freddy's First Haircut

It was the day I put off for months and months and months.  My beautiful, baby boy has always had the most gorgeous long, blonde, curly locks, but as he is approaching three, the girlie look was beginning to cause a few problems.  Fred's obsession with hair bands was beginning to get really troublesome as he wanted his hair to look  "perfect" and my hairdressing skills were not up to the job. He would get frustrated when his hair style didn't match up to Annie from 'Little Einsteins'!  Besides, did I really want him to be seen in public with high bunches? However liberal my views are, I still found it uncomfortable to see my boy with such a girlie look outside of the house where other judgemental eyes could see him .

I couldn't put it off any longer...the haircut was imminent.  We had decided to go for a simple trim, keeping it longish, but halfway through we realised that the kink in his hair made him look like he had an old lady's shampoo and set!  We had to have a re-think and decided that we needed to get rid of the baby hair, to allow it to thicken up and hang properly.  The clippers came out!

Not Quite Sure!
Halfway through.
Looking All Grown-Up
My Big Boy!!
In spite of putting this off and not wanting to lose those baby locks...I love his new look!  My big boy looks fabulous and so handsome!


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