Tuesday, 27 March 2012

What's New At Asda?

Asda have three new ranges of baby food exclusive to their stores!!  We were sent samples from two of them, Heinz Mum's Own Recipe Smoothies and Annabel Karmel's Disney Rice Cakes and Biscuit Bakes.

Generally speaking, Freddy turns his nose up at a lot of baby food these days.  Now that he eats what the rest of the family eats he finds some of the baby-specific recipes a bit bland and tasteless.  However, these products have got real toddler appeal and he really enjoyed them all.

The Disney Cheese and Onion Rice Cakes were a big hit.  The thin rice cakes were crunchy and palatable and the flavouring was really tasty.  I had a couple myself and they were very nice (just like grown-up Snack-a-Jacks)!  It is so nice to find a crispy snack that he really enjoyed that was a healthier option with no artificial additives.  Mickey Mouse on the pack made them even more appealing to Freddy!  They are just 59p for a good sized packet.

We also received a box of Porridge and Apple Biscuit Bakes consisting of five individually packed packs of three rectangular biscuits.  Again, rather than being bland and having a cardboard texture like many baby biccies, these were oaty, crumbly, tasty and full of chunks of apple.  They tasted like a grown-up posh biscuit which meant that Ian and I had to share a pack too!  Kizzy also loved them, so these will be a healthier alternative for all the family.  A pack costs £2.29.

The Heinz Smoothies come in individual bottles and are free from all artificial additives.  They are 100% fruit with added vitamin C.  The Apple and Pear variety went down a treat with Freddy!  The bottles cost 89p and are a good size to pop in your hand bag for a smoothie on the go.

I am really impressed to find products that bridge the gap between bland baby food and grown up that is often considered junk.  Thumbs up to both ranges from me as a parent and Freddy as a toddler who enjoys a good snack! 

Find these items at your local Asda


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