Thursday, 1 March 2012

Forget the Easter Chick...Here's the Angry Birds!!

Easter usually heralds the arrival of the cute, little yellow Easter chicks synonymous with Spring time.  However, this year there is a new bird in town...the Angry Bird!  No one could have failed to see the emergence of the phenomena of these feathered fellas with anger management issues.  With millions of fans of all ages,  the new Angry Bird toys from Character Online are sure to fly off the shelves!

This Easter, why not take a break from the traditional and buy one of the Angry Bird plush toys. Their very survival is at stake and they are dishing out revenge on the Green Pigs who have stolen their eggs.  You can now catapult your own Angry Birds at Green Pigs bringing all the fun of the addictive app into real life.

The range includes Backpack Clip Keyrings and 4" and 5" plush with sound and 8" plush toys.

We were sent a pig and a bird to try out.  Pressing their heads gives a cacophonous noise of squawks and grunts which 2 year old Freddy thought was hilarious!  He immediately catapulted his Angry Bird at his sister who was holding a Green Pig and thus ensued a re-enactment of the game.

Making the Sounds
Green Pig!
Let The Battle Commence!!
For any Angry Bird fans, from little kids who enjoy all the fun of the frantic game to grown-ups who might enjoy venting their own frustrations by throwing an Angry Bird across the office at work, these plush toys will prove a huge hit!  They'd definitely be brilliant Easter presents and provide hours of Angry Bird fun if you are looking for something a bit different this year.

You can buy Angry Bird toys from Amazon.  Prices start at just £3.99.


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