Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Our First Glasses Disaster

It was inevitable that it was going to happen at some point, and today it did.  One month to the day since Freddy got his glasses.  For four weeks his Mr Bump specs have withstood the rigours of being launched across the room, hidden under the sofa and being driven over by toy cars.  But this morning Freddy finally got the better of them and managed to rip one of the arms clean off.  It wasn't done in temper, he just bent it back and snap!

Thankfully, there is a Specsavers in our local town and so we rang up and headed in.  The staff were fabulous and replaced the frames while we waited.  Freddy entertained all the old folk who were waiting for eye tests and was adorable singing and smiling at his audience of pensioners.

With his glasses fixed, and put on for him by the very lovely optician, Freddy proudly kept them on as we walked back to the car.  I let him pick a treat from Gregg's and he chose a Spiky Mikey, which for anyone who is not a connoisseur of Gregg's pies and cakes, is a star shaped, chocolate coated shortbread with Smarties for eyes.  Freddy deserved a treat for being so well behaved and lovely.

He kept his glasses on all the way home and I thought that maybe this was a turning point in our battle to correct Fred's vision.  However, the second he was home he removed them and flung them across the living room!

I hope this pair survive longer than the originals and that Fred soon understands why we keep encouraging him to wear them.  The battle continues!


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