Friday, 9 March 2012

Choccy Munchy Seeds

Chocolate To Burn, Seeds to Feed!
If you want an alternative to traditional chocolate bunnies this Easter how about some Choccy Munchy Seeds?  A mix of vitamin A rich sunflower and pumpkin seeds are mixed with Apricot pieces and coated in Belgian Chocolate, or mixed with crystallized ginger and covered in Dark Chocolate with Chilli flavouring.

They are rich in fibre and iron and are a source of zinc, and suitable for vegetarians.  They are definitely a healthier alternative to other chocolate snacks, giving you the health benefits of seeds and the delicious taste of chocolate.  Mindful munching at its best!

Award Winning Choccy Munchy Seeds  

The packaging of the Munchy Seeds range is great and features some great hand art.  You can download the pictures as wallpaper and colouring sheets.

The 50g snack packs cost £1.50 and can be purchased online.


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