Friday, 2 March 2012

How Do You Make Fruit Scented Bubbles?

How do you put a strawberry or a blueberry in a bubble?  It's easy with the amazing new Smubbles from Character Online!  Using a Smubbles Streamer and a plug-in character with a fruity scent, you can create fabulous bubbles that you can pop and sniff!

Before being sent a Smubbles set to try out the only pop and sniff bubbles were the ones that the kids made in the bath, which are filled with a completely different sort of fragrance that I don't want to smell at all!  The concept of "Pop Em and Smell Em!" bubbles was an instant hit with the little ones who couldn't wait to get their hands on the colourful red gun and the cute fruit characters that plug in to the streamer.  The end of the streamer dips into the bubble mix and pressing the trigger makes a satisfying stream of big bubbles shoot out of the end.  Popping them gives out a whiff of strawberry scented air which was quite a novelty!

Catching the Bubbles.
I loved how big and how abundant the bubbles were....much easier than blowing them through a wand.  Freddy could manage using the streamer to blow bubbles which completely delighted him.  Both children enjoyed popping and chasing after the bubbles.

Having a sniff!
The streamer takes 2 x AA batteries which are not included.  100ml of bubble solution and two fruity scented cartridges are included.  It is available in red and blue. The RRP is £9.99.

The Smubbles are brilliant fun for outdoor play now the weather is getting better.  The delicious scented bubbly fun will keep kids entertained for hours.  Smubbles would make a perfect Easter gift for children if you wanted an alternative to chocolate this year.

Bubbly Fun!


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