Friday, 2 March 2012

Make Your Home Sparkle With A Clean, Green Conscience

A  new eco-friendly cleaning range Naturally Powered has been launched which  allows you to clean with exceptional results while caring for the environment.  With cleaning, laundry and washing up products available, they make every household task greener.  Plant-based cleaning ingredients such as coconut, potato, corn and wheat are used instead of using chemicals derived from fossil fuels. Combination technology mixes small quantities of different ingredients to work together in a highly effective way.  The manufacture of the products supports the cultivation and production of ecological GreenPalm certified palm oil and encourages sustainability.

The range aims to create as little waste as possible, coming in lightweight, 100% recycled bottles.  Laundry detergents have been developed to be used at low temperatures and the range is made with a concentrated dosage to reduce the environmental impact. However, there has been no compromise on the quality of the products.  In tests they have scored on a par or better than the leading brands.  This means your house will be as clean as your environmental conscience by choosing Naturally Powered products!

I was sent a selection of the products to try and have been testing their effectiveness in my household chores.

Antibacterial Multi-Surface Spray 500ml (RRP: £1.80)  This colourless spray kills 99.9% of nasty bacteria and leaves surfaces taint free.  It gives peace of mind, keeping surfaces germ-freee and clean. It is perfect to spray onto Freddy's potty to keep it hygienically clean.

All-in-One Citrus Toilet Gel 750ml (RRP: £1.50)  This lemon scented gel cleans, disinfects, freshens and removes limescale from the toilet.  The consistency is good and leaves the toilet looking spotless with a quick scrub.  It kills 99.9% of bacteria which is very important with a toddler who is toilet training.

Concentrated Lemon Washing-Up Liquid 500ml (RRP: £1.25)  This is the product I used the most, with the plates, cups, cutlery and pans from feeding a family of five to wash up!  The lemon scented, thick liquid goes a long way.  It foams up well and shifts grease with ease.  It was every bit as good as my usual brand.

Concentrated Non-Bio Laundry Powder 800g (RRP £3.50) This is a powerful cleaning detergent and works well at low temperatures.  It contains enough for 13 washes.  You don't need a lot of the concentrated powder to wash a load of laundry.

Fabric Conditioner Morning Breeze 750ml (RRP: £1.50) This leaves clothes super soft, fragranced and fresh.  It is also kind to the skin so suitable for my little ones' clothing.  Again, it performed as well as my usual leading brand.

All the products were good, nothing negative to report at all. They perform so well you wouldn't guess they were eco!  The pricing is very good and you are not paying a huge premium to do your bit for the environment.  They are a unique, innovative and ecological essential for every home.  It feels good knowing they are kind on the planet, allowing each of us to easily make one small change for the sake of the environment.

The products are available on their website or from Tesco stores nationwide.

*I received some samples to test but received no compensation for this post.*


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