Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Mike The Knight...A Knight in Training

Set in the exciting and enchanting Medieval times of castles, dragons, Vikings and trolls, Mike the Knight is a new CG animated CBeebies show for toddlers and pre-schoolers.

Glendragon is home to a cheeky, energetic and helpful young knight in training.  While his father is away, young Mike helps his mother Queen Martha protect their homeland.  This gives rise to some exciting adventures and marvellous missions.

With his motto "Be a Knight, Do It Right", Mike learns how to do things the right way and learns the power of responsibility.  With a blend of visual comedy, music and fabulous characters, Mike the knight is a real hit with my two year old Freddy.  He was sent the brand new Knight in Training DVD which is due for release on March 19th from HIT Entertainment.

The 65 minute DVD is packed with exciting episodes as we join Mike and his merry band of friends Sparkie and Squirt the dragons and Gallahad his trusty steed.  Mike's sister Evie is a wizard in  training and is never far from the action.  Evie has cast a spell on Mike's sword and so he never knows what it will become when he draws it!  Freddy thinks it is very funny when Mike pulls his sword out and finds a feather duster in his hand!  But whatever Evie's magic conjures up, plays a part in completing Mike's missions.

For me, Fernando the Bard is one of the real stars of the show.  His witty ditties that start and end each show are very funny.  He is the storyteller who keeps the chivalrous tales moving along in an upbeat fun-filled tempo.

Mike the Knight is bringing the chivalry, adventure and excitement of Medieval times to a generation of modern pre-schoolers who will love the antics of Mike as he rescues princesses, guards the castle or defeats trolls...all in the cutest way.  The moral of the stories teaches children the power of their responsibilities; inspires them to be the best they can be and go the extra mile to help out; understand the importance of friendship and loyalty; be considerate; realise the importance of teamwork and appreciate their own self-development.

We really enjoyed watching the fun packed adventures of Mike and his friends.  Mike is a very likeable and cheeky character and his attempts at carrying out his missions are very entertaining.  At the heart of the show, Mike is just a little lad who enjoys adventures and tries to do his best.  The Medieval setting and characters make the show quite unique.

If you haven't discovered the joys of Glendragon and Mike the Knight, keep an eye on CBeebies or treat your little one to the DVD for fun, adventures and 'doing it right!'

A Knight in Training is available to pre-order now.

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