Monday, 5 March 2012

Keeping Toddlers Safe with a Kool Kangaroos Boomerein

Keeping toddlers safe is a concern for all mums and dads.  It only takes a second for an adventurous little one to slip away from your side, which can be terrifying.  Kool Kangaroos have come up with a solution to child safety with the UK's first hands free retractable toddler safety system.

The Boomerein consists of two parts: an adjustable belt for the parent to wear which attaches to a waist strap that your toddler wears.  A retractable rein keeps your toddler safely attached to you, while giving them the freedom to toddle beside you.

Adult Belt with Retractable Rein
Toddler Belt
The belts are made from strong elasticated fabric and are adjustable. The fasteners are secure and easy to use, clicking together when you want your toddler safely secured to you. There is space to put your child's name on the casing.

Adjusts to fit your waist
Being hands free means you can carry your shopping, load your car, push a pushchair and do all the other million and one things that a busy parent has to do, all the while knowing your child is safely attached to you.  Parents of multiples or childminders can attach 2 or 3 Boomereins on the belt, giving peace of mind when out and about with more than one toddler at a time.

Freddy sometimes resents feeling restrained when out walking, but the Boomerein, being around his waist, was less restrictive and he seemed to enjoy the extra freedom it gave him.  The retractable rein allowed him to walk at his own pace but stay within arm's reach.

Perfect for the supermarket, the beach, the park, the school run or crossing the road, it offers safe, reliable and innovative help to parents on the go.  I love the concept of hands-free reins, especially when my mobile phone needs to be answered!  It is one less thing to have to juggle when out and about with a small child.

This is Kool Kangaroos' shocking promotional video which highlights the importance of child safety and the danger of road accidents to toddlers.  It is a stark reminder of the importance of keeping our little ones safe.

You can buy a Boomerein and other child safety products at  The Boomerein costs £15.95 with the choice of a blue or pink sticker on the rein casing.  It would be lovely to see the childs' belts available in different colours too, or perhaps having them made out of a hi-viz material for extra visibility. 

*We were sent a Boomerein to try but no other compensation was given.*


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