Monday, 26 March 2012

Happy Feet Two

On March 26th, everyone's favourite penguin is back on DVD and Blu-Ray with the release of Happy Feet 2!  This time it is Mumbles's son Erik causing the drama!

happy feet two, DVD

To celebrate its release, Warner Bros have sent us a wonderful box of goodies including Haapy Feet 1 and 2 and March of The Penguins on Blu-Ray, and some fabulous film merchandise.

Happy Feet Two, DVD

The story of Happy Feet Two introduces us to cute little Erik who can not dance.  His father may be choreographically gifted, but Erik is seriously rhythmically challenged!  In fact his first try results in a very embarrassing mishap where he ends up with his head in the snow!  He runs away and encounters the god-like Mighty Sven, a 'flying penguin' who isn't all he seems to be!  Mumbles heads off to bring back his son who now dreams of flying, much to his dad's frustration. Meanwhile, trouble is afoot in the Antarctic as an iceberg threatens  Emperor-land, trapping the penguins below a wall of ice.  Will the animals of the South Pole, from the tiny and very funny Krill to the huge Elephant Seals be able to save the penguins?  Will Erik and Mumbles be able to work together to save the day? Through the power of friendship, song and dance anything is possible!

This film is visually amazing.  The stunning landscape and the animals are portrayed in eye-popping animation that is beautiful to behold.  Films like this are what Blu-Ray was made for.  The detail, the colours and the sheer spectacle are breathtaking.

In terms of the story itself, the narrative is a bit complicated and chaotic in parts.  And the sub-text of  conformity over acceptance is possibly at odds with the sentiment of the original. The film goes bigger and bolder than its predecessor, but some of the charm and originality are lost because of it.   However, the visual feast, the fabulous all singing, all dancing performances and the voice talents of a host of stars more than make up for any plot flaws.  Matt Damon and Brad Pitt as the ambitious Krill Will and his long suffering friend Bill are fabulous were the stars of the show for me!  

The visual jokes and gags make the kids giggle and the songs are truly entertaining.  There are even some scenes of peril that have you on the edge of your seat (Bryan the Elephant Seal's predicament had me holding my breath!) . Happy Feet Two is an enjoyable watch for all the family which will have everyone tapping their toes and singing along.  Perfect for a family movie night over the Easter holidays!



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