Monday, 19 March 2012

Easter Crafts with Dylon

Dylon is probably best known for its colourful fabric dyes which can transform old and tired clothing and fabric into vibrant, brightly coloured garments and materials, giving them a  whole new lease of life!  However, they also make some brilliant craft products, perfect for adding personal touches to favourite clothes or for using in craft projects.  You can make unique and colourful creations with ease.

We were sent a selection of goodies from Dylon's range to use for some Easter crafts.  

The Fabric Paint can be painted or stencilled onto fabrics and stays soft even when fully dried.  The 3D Paints come in squeezy bottles and are available in glossy, pearl, glitter and puff varieties giving a host of fab effects.  The Fabric Pens are just like felt tips, available in bright or fluorescent shades.  They can be set into the fabric by ironing them.

We decided to make some Easter themed handkerchiefs for the children's grandparents.  Big, plain white hankies are very cheap to buy and provide a really good canvas for children to experiment with fabric paints and pens.  The resulting masterpiece makes a unique keepsake of the children's artwork.  They can even be framed to brighten up a wallspace.

My children first tried out the fabric pens to design patterns and pictures.  Ella went for an abstract design made up of fluorescent squiggles, dots and lines.  They applied quite easily to the material and didn't bleed out making them really good for intricate work.

Kizzy went for a traditional  Easter picture with chicks, eggs, flowers and a lamb.  She found the pens very easy to work with.  They were best used for outlines and patterns rather than for filling out large areas, according to the girls.  They aren't messy to use, just be sure to put something underneath the fabric to avoid the colours going through when using them.

The 3D paints are squeezed directly from the tubes onto the fabric which takes a little bit of practice to avoid blobbing and smearing!  We made a fabric Easter card using the material which we then mounted onto stiff card.  The paint dries in 4 hours whereby it becomes even more vibrantly coloured.  

The shiny paints dry giving a 3D effect.

The 3D paints were also great for decorating eggs.  We practised making a Faberge Style egg and the paint went on well giving a nice 3D jewelled effect.

If you fancy getting crafty with the kids this Easter, check out Dylons Craft Range.  Projects are only limited by your imagination, so you can be as artistic as you wish making Easter bonnets, decorated eggs, cards and baskets using the paints and pens to great effect.  Even complete novices (like us) can have fun!

They make a really fun activity for a rainy day and allow the kids to make some unique keepsakes of their artwork.  Grandparents will love them!


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