Thursday, 22 March 2012

Dreams...The Secret To A Good Night's Sleep

Philosphers, authors, scientists and poets throughout the ages have written about sleep.  The Dalai Lama called sleep "the best meditation".  Shakespeare told us "To sleep perchance to dream."  George Allen Sr said "Leisure time is that five or six hours when you sleep at night."   Much like the weather, sleep is a pre-occupation with us all.  "Did you sleep well?" is an oft used morning greeting, and stories of sleepless nights are regularly shared.  Similarly, people are all too keen to tell each other the contents of their dreams, perhaps because after just 10 minutes, 90% of what we dreamt is forgotten!  As you sleep your brain recharges, your body releases important hormones and your cells repair themselves.  Sleep is an essential part of life!

Ask any sleep deprived parent and they will tell you that without a good night's sleep they fail to fully function during the day.  Sleep is essential for brain function and without a good 7-9 hours we are soon transformed into virtual zombies!  We actually will spend one whole third of our lives it is vitally important that we give ourselves the best chance of having a peaceful, comfortable, relaxing night's sleep. 

Dreams, Britain's leading bed specialists want to give everyone a good night's sleep and use the latest sleep technology to offer the latest in beds, pillows, duvets and mattresses so we can find the best combination for sending us off to the land of nod.  There is nothing worse than an uncomfortable sleeping arrangement.  It can lead to aches and pains as well as all the issues associated with sleep deprivation.

I was sent a Therapur Creation Pillow from Dreams, designed to promote soothing and restful sleep with a memory foam filling that moulds to the unique shape of your head and neck to keep you comfortable all night long. The pillow holds your head in the optimum sleeping position which is best for your neck and spine.

The pillow cover is made of Tactel, an incredibly soft fabric that draws away excess moisture keeping you fresh and cool.  The cover is removable and fully washable.  It feels really luxurious and thick and a world away from the cheap mesh covered pillows I've become accustomed to!

Unlike other memory foam pillows I have used, the Creation Pillow is full size and 43cm high.  It gives medium to firm support and  feels much denser and heavier than a regular pillow.  I usually use a very flat, squishy pillow so sleeping on this was a very different experience.  My head sank into it as the memory foam moulded to my shape, but still felt firmly supported.  As someone more used to lying flat, I think it will take me some time getting used to having my head elevated, but the supportive cocooning definitely feels very pleasant as I sink into my pillow!  It isn't as soft as my usual pillow, but knowing that this is designed to facilitate the optimum sleeping position, makes me wonder what damage I may have done to my spine over the years using cheap pillows.

At the moment, my biggest cause of sleepless nights is my toddler Freddy and Ian's snoring...good to know that my pillow isn't adding to this problem!

At £59.99 this is a premium priced pillow but the removable, washable Tactel cover will keep it looking and feeling fresh and new.  This is an investment in adopting a healthier approach to sleep.  Knowing how vital sleep is to wellbeing, I think it is definitely worth the expense to find a pillow that allows you to sleep comfortably and peacefully. Check out Dreams Beds to find a pillow perfect for your needs!


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