Monday, 12 March 2012

A Beautiful Family Day

Yesterday we went to visit my eldest son Joe in Northampton.  I haven't seen much of my son this year as we've not had any matching free weekends.  It is one of the unavoidable side effects of your babies growing up. On one hand, I feel massively proud of Joe for making a life for himself with a good job, a nice home and a lovely girlfriend.  But on the other hand, I miss my little boy!

It was a particularly lovely day because my eldest daughter Megan came home for the weekend from university and was able to join us in visiting her big brother.  Having all five of my children together again, is one of the things guaranteed to make me happy and guaranteed to mean fun.  Add blues skies and sunshine to the equation and I had the recipe for a perfect day.

The McDonald Kids
One of the things I love about where Joe lives is Salcey Forest, which is an area of woodland with a treetop walk.  Last time we visited, Freddy was still in his buggy, so visiting with a proper walking, running, jumping and climbing toddler was a completely different experience.  There was so much for him to explore and discover in nature's playground.  The children all joined together and there was great examples of family teamwork as they built dens, climbed trees and jumped over ditches.

Woodland hideaways
Working Together
Riding on Daddy's Shoulders
My Boys
My Big Kids and Jade
We spent a wonderful afternoon walking through the woods and having some great family fun.  I have really missed doing this!  It was exactly what I needed to put a spring back in my step.  I love how we can enjoy wonderful days together as a family.  Whether we are doing something major or just enjoying the simple things in life, we inject love, fun and laughter into the proceedings.

Today I really do feel blessed.  I have a family that fills me with huge amounts of joy.   The sun shone down on our wonderful day together...and Freddy wore his glasses all day long!!  Things are definitely looking up :)


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