Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Little Angels Wipes With Nappy Cream Pot

Asda's award winning Little Angels Cotton Soft Baby Wipes have just got even better.  In an innovative twist on ordinary packaging, Asda have launched their wipes with an inbuilt pot of Nappy Cream in the flip-top lid!  The inclusion of the pot means that you will always have access to nappy cream, whether you are at home or out and about.  Keeping a pack in your baby changing bag  means that you won't have to root around for separate pots or tubs. Particularly handy if you are mid-nappy change!  It is all there in one handy package.  It's perfect for holidays when space is at a premium, reducing the bulk of essential items needed when you have a baby.

We have tried out the wipes.  Each pack includes 64 strong, fragrant, good sized wipes that pull up from one half of the flip-top lid.  The other side contains the cream.  It is quite an ingenious design being both space saving and convenient.  If ever nappy rash strikes, you will be prepared!

The wipes cost just £2.48 and are available from March 26th instore at Asda.


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