Friday, 16 March 2012

Cathedral City Taste Test

Cathedral City is proud to be the nation's favourite cheese and can be found in half of the households in the UK!  The mature West Country recipe delivers a smooth, rounded, mellow flavour.  Cathedral City have also developed a Lighter Mature Cheddar which has all the flavour but 30% less fat.  Can the lower fat alternative match up to the full fat Cheddar?  We carried out a taste test to find out!

The two cheeses looked very similar, although the Lighter variety was slightly paler, and both sliced nicely without crumbling.  They both had a good aroma.  So far so good!

I love cheese, so I was very interested to taste the Lighter variety.  Less fat means I can enjoy more :)

I was very impressed with both samples.  Smooth textured, mature flavoured and creamy.  If I am very honest, I preferred the Lighter option.  It had a marginally drier mouth feel which is a quality I like in cheese. It certainly was not a disappointment, like so many lower fat products can be.  This cheese is not a compromise on either flavour or texture.  It is a good cheese, regardless of its fat content.

I gave some to my children to try and they could not taste any difference.  They ate it happily not realising that it was lower in fat and therefore a healthier option.  This simple switch to a lower fat alternative such as Cathedral City Lighter can make a real positive change to your family's diet.

The next test for me was how well I could cook with it so I used it to make cheese on toast.  It melted satisfyingly, although it didn't bubble as much as a full fat cheese.  I also grated some over pasta sauce and it was really flavoursome and held its form really well. It also worked well in a simple cheese sauce, melting in and giving a good cheesy flavour. The cheese was less greasy when melted which is a positive.

For anyone who wants to cut down on their fat intake, but is not prepared to compromise on taste or texture, Cathedral City Lighter Mature really ticks the boxes.  Find out more about the full range at:


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