Thursday, 29 March 2012

We Sing Pop!

Everyone loves to sing.  Whether you sing in the shower or use your hairbrush as a microphone, deep down inside us all, there is a Lady Gaga bursting to get out!

There is a brand new title available for the Nintendo Wii in the karaoke style gaming genre, We Sing Pop by Nordic Games.  Featuring a host of  top tunes accompanied by the official pop videos, the latest offering from the We Sing franchise will appeal to the MTV generation and wannabe X Factor finalists alike.

We Sing Pop, Wii, karaoke, Nintendo

The track listing boasts classics from pop icons such as Hanson, Cher and Wham alongside modern greats by Adele, Lady Gaga and Jessie J.  With 23 UK number ones covering six decades of music, everyone will find a favourite to perform to. 
We Sing Pop is compatible with up to 4 Logitech USB microphones meaning the game can be enjoyed by both individuals or groups.  You can sing solos, duets or play in one of eight multi-player party modes. You can play together or competitively against your friends.  Expert and Blind modes add further difficulty levels to keep you challenged.  You can add effects to your voice, practice your skills and replay performances which adds to the entertainment!  The jukebox mode allows you to watch the videos themselves which is a nice feature of the game for music lovers to enjoy.

Points are scored by hitting the right notes in the right rhythm.  Bonus points can be won by hitting star notes.

We were really impressed that this game included the full pop videos of the songs which really added an extra dimension to our enjoyment.  The playlist was great.  There were no songs that we didn't know which is a real positive element.  We could (between us) sing our way through all thirty tracks.  The game puts you centre stage in your own pop party. The scoring is sensitive which created a good competitive atmosphere.  There are three difficulty settings so the whole family can tailor the game to suit their own level.  You can even play it in a pure and simple Real Karaoke mode for times when we feel like singing along without the pressure to perform!  The game is compatible with the mics from other singing Wii games such as Rock Band, so you don't need to buy new ones for each game you buy.

I felt like a diva belting out 'Bad Romance' and enjoyed duetting on Cher's 'I Got You Babe'.  The kids rapped to 'Ice, Ice Baby' and Ian crooned to 'Love Is All Around' .  This game has real family appeal and will keep everyone entertained and spending some quality fun time together!

We Sing Pop from Nordic Games is available as a stand alone game of in a bundle with microphones.  The game plus four mics has an RRP of £49.99.  The standard edition game is currently £24.32 at Amazon.


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