Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Old Amsterdam Cheese

When I received a block of cheese through the Royal Mail post I must admit that I had reservations about eating it!  But, being me, reservations were cast aside as I sampled the Old Amsterdam cheese that I had been sent to review.  I was glad I did!

cheese, Old Amsterdam, Gouda

With a Dutch name I was expecting something akin to Edam.  I was very wrong.  The Old Amsterdam is a very, very mature cheese that had an aroma to match!  This cheese is incredibly full flavoured, nutty with a sharp tang and a granular texture.  It excites the palate with its depth of flavours and is a world away from its milder cousin from the Netherlands.

cheese, Gouda, Old Amsterdam, mature, cheeseboard

Old Amsterdam is actually a premium matured Gouda that comes in a black waxed ball. It slices, grates and can be used to cook with. I melted it over pasta and it added a real depth of flavour.  It tastes best served at room temperature allowing the flavours to develop and works well with wine and crackers after a meal.

Old Amsterdam is a real taste of the continent and is becoming a favourite amongst cheese lovers everywhere, scooping awards and gaining in popularity.  I'll definitely be buying some whenever I do a cheeseboard as it will add a very unique flavour and texture that I really enjoy!

Look out for it on cheese counters in Waitrose, Tesco, Booths and Morrisons, as well as independent delis and fine food shops across the UK. RRP approx £2.49 per 150g.  

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