Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Fabulous Bakin' Boys Easter Range

When you've had enough of chocolate over Easter, how about indulging your sweet tooth with this range of Easter cupcakes from The Fabulous Bakin' Boys!  The eyecatching packaging has been specially designed for Easter and is rather egg-cellent!!

Fabulous Bakin' Boys Easter Range
The range includes a six pack of Choccy Cupcakes in an assortment of white, milk and dark chocolate toppings on a chocolate chip sponge.  There are also Mini Cupcakes in packs of twelve in Triple Choc, Choccy, White Choccy and fruity St.Clements.  Every cupcake comes individually wrapped making them perfect for sharing!

Individually Packaged Cupcakes
The cupcakes would make a nice addition to an Easter Egg Hunt this year!  Pop some into the kids' Easter baskets for a yummy alternative to chocolate eggs.

Easter Cupcake Hunt
The cupcakes can be decorated with a cake topper to make a fun centrepiece of choccy chick cakes!

Thick Chocolate Topping and Choc Chip Sponge!
The ultimate test is of course in the tasting!  Freddy was a willing guinea pig and loved the cupcakes, eating them topping first!  The toppings are thick and the sponge is light.  Just how Freddy likes it!

Perfect Bitesize Cupcakes
Yummy Big Cakes
The Easter Cupcake and Mini Cupcake range are available for just £1 per pack in Morrisons, Sainsbury's, Tesco and Asda.  The Chocolate and White Chocolate topped cupcakes with plain sponge are exclusive to Asda.  The Fabulous Bakin' Boys' cakes are nut free, contain no artificial colours or flavours.

*We were sent the cakes to enjoy but no other compensation was provided.*


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