Saturday, 10 March 2012

Gotta Spin Our Wheels...It's Jungle Junction

This morning, Freddy fell in love.  Just look at his little face in this photo of him when the postman delivered him a big bundle of wonderful Disney Jungle Junction toys from Flair to test out.

Freddy Loves Jungle Junction
Freddy loves Jungle Junction which is a very popular BAFTA nominated hit Disney Junior show featuring animals who have 'wheels instead of feet' and who whizz around the jungle having adventures with their friends.  The toys look exactly like their TV counterparts and have instant toddler appeal.  With playsets, character figures and vehicles, there are loads of great toys that pre-schoolers, like my Freddy will adore!

Fussy Bunny Bungo
The plush Bungo toy was a real hit with its soft body and real wheels.  Freddy whizzed it around the floor and said it was 'perfect'!  Must be good!  It stands 20cm tall and is really cuddly with working wheels.  I really liked the idea of it being two toys in one...something to hug and something to zip along!

Gotta Spin Our Wheels
The Wheel Around Fun Set includes Ellyvan, Bungo and Zooter, two signs, a cardboard playmat and some road sign stickers.   The little wheel along characters allow pre-schoolers to act out their favourite Jungle Junction moments.  The playmat comes folded so it doesn't sit completely flat making it hard to stand up the road signs.  Mounting it onto some sturdy card would solve this easily.  Freddy loves the set and made the characters talk to each other.  He really embraced the role play element of the toy which was a joy to watch.

Ellyvan....Gotta Zip!
Hello Bungo, Hello Zooter!
The Ellyvan Pull Back Character is a nice sized vehicle which when pulled back will wheel away under its own steam. His trunk spins around making a clicking sound and his rear doors open.  It is the perfect size for little hands to zip it around.  

Pull Back Ellyvan
Giving Zooter a Ride Inside Ellyvan!
The Ellyvan Bath Toy is made of squishy rubber and blows water out of his trunk for some squirty, splashy fun.  In addition to bath time, it is also perfect for water play outside on a sunny day, bringing pre-schooler's favourite characters into their play time.

All the Jungle Junction toys have given rise to some really engaging play with Freddy acting out scenes from the hit TV show, making the characters talk to each other and whizzing them about the floor.  Any fans of Disney Junior will love these toys which are part of the fabulous range of Jungle Junction toys from Flair.


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