Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Secret to a Peaceful Easter With Nick Jr

What is the recipe for a relaxing Easter?  How about some delicious chocolate and a quiet toddler so that I can relax and enjoy said chocolate?  Works for me!!   Well, thanks to Nick Jr I may just get my peaceful chocolate munching moment.

Easter Eggs, Inside the Wendy House, Green and Blacks Chocolate
Green and Black's Easter Hamper
Nick Jr have a host of fabulous TV shows coming up over Easter that the kids will love.

Nick Jr
Nick Jr
Dora the Explorer has an Easter Adventure coming to Nick Jr.  Dora goes on an eggciting journey to rescue the Hip-Hop Bunny's basket of eggs from Swiper in time for the Big Easter Egg Hunt.  When the basket is thrown into the Rainbow Garden, it's up to Dora and Boots to save it from the waterfall!  With an adventure through itchy-scratchy plants, going through a petting zoo and floating downstream on a giant rubber duck, Dora manages to save the day, just in time for the big Easter Egg Hunt with all her friends.  It premieres at 4.30pm on Friday March 30th.

Team Umizoomi, which is one of Freddy' all time favourites, are taking part in an Easter Egg Hunt.  Join the gang as they take part in the Umi City Egg Hunt along with their Umifriend, practicing their maths skills whilst racing to find the special Rainbow Egg.  When the egg falls down a rabbit hole it's up to Miili, Geo and Bot to jump in after it.  They discover an amazing world of rabbits underground and have to race across Rabbit Town to try to stop the egg from getting scrambled in an egg machine!  It is coming to Nick Jr in April.

Brand new Tickety Toc is a fast paced, fun filled show about twins Tommy and Tallulah Tockety who live in a very special clock in a magical shop.  The twins pop out on the hour as the clock chimes but once back inside they have fun in the fantastical world of eccentric animal characters and slapstick surprises.  Each action packed adventure sees our heroes saving the day...but getting back for chime-time to keep the clock ticking!  This CGI show focuses on familiar patterns in everyday life, delivering lessons on problem solving, teamwork and compromise.  It comes to Nick Jr on April 23rd at 8.15am.

We've had a sneaky peek at the latest offerings on Nick Jr and Freddy absolutely loved them.  He was engaged and enthralled by the antics of the characters.  He really chuckled at Tickety Toc, practiced his numbers with Team Umizoomi and joined in enthusiastically with Dora shouting "Swiper No Swiping!!"

Now...while he is happily watching Nick Jr...where's that chocolate ;)


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