Thursday, 10 November 2011

A Daughter is a Little Girl who Grows Up to be Your Best Friend!

My Megan, my second born child, my first daughter and my best friend, is 20 years old today.  My little girl is all grown up and on a path towards the rest of her life, forging her own way in the big, wide world.  Her exciting journey is just beginning and I watch with amazement and anticipation as she makes the decisions that will dictate who she will become, what she will be and where she will go.

Being Megan's mum has not been without its challenges,  she'd be the first to admit that her strong personality  was difficult for her to manage as a young child, when her emotional intelligence struggled to keep up with her over active brain!  My explosive little girl did however become a dream teenager, open, honest and trustworthy with a maturity beyond her years.  Seeing the young woman who she has now become fills me with so much love and pride it's unbelievable.

Tenacious even as a newborn.
My daughter is beautiful, incredibly intelligent, driven to the point of being a perfectionist, she is loving, empathetic and hilariously funny.  She is also clumsy (so many A & E visits), sometimes argumentative (although she never goes to bed without resolving a disagreement) and opinionated (although most of her points are usually valid).  She is a strong young woman with a real zest for life.   She brings colour to our lives.  When she is away there is a Megan shaped hole!

Yellow Submarine Tap Dancer
At the moment she is applying for Graduate positions for next September when she graduates from the University of Manchester a year earlier than her peers, having studied Business, Marketing and Management. She will take the business world by storm...any company that rejects her doesn't know what they are missing out on!

Visiting a South African Township in Vukani
Over the years Megan has become my 'Mini-Me' and we have such a great time when she visits home.  I know that next year she will be entering the grown-up world of work, getting a house and making a fabulous life for herself, wherever the opportunities take her.  But me and her dad will be there, supporting her and sharing in every moment of her new life, proud as punch and full of love for our remarkable daughter!

Me & Meg
With Dad and Freddy

We all love you Megan.  Happy Birthday my sweetheart!  xxx

#NaBloPoMo Day 10


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