Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Douwe Egbert's New Collection

Douwe Egberts have a new  range of ground coffees to give discerning coffee drinkers a wonderful choice of flavoursome blends!  I've made no secret of my love for coffee shops so I was quite excited to receive the following to try and to share with my readers in a fabulous giveaway coming soon!

The varieties available are:

1)     House Blend – a smooth classic European style blend of the finest beans. Perfect for any time of day.
2)     Time Together – a spicy blend with a hint of vanilla and nut. Perfect for when you are relaxing with friends, to accompany good company and good conversation..
3)     CafĂ© Milano – a traditional Italian style coffee with a relaxing blend and a hint of spice. Perfect to relax and escape with.  A laid back coffee!
4)     Flavourful Decaff - a smooth blend with a hint of vanilla and chocolate using decaffeinated beans. Perfect for those who prefer a lower caffeine intake without compromising on taste.
5)     Morning Americano – a vibrant American style coffee with a strong blend of nutty flavouring. Perfect to kick-start your day.
6)     Fired up – an espresso style blend with intense spice and chocolate flavouring creating with dark-roasted beans. Perfect for those who appreciate a rich flavour.

The coffees are suitable for any filter coffee maker and I tried some using my trusty cafetiere.  I just love the sight of coffee brewing, I love the rich aroma and the promise of what is to come.  I was not disappointed!

Coffee is more than just a drink, and these contemporary, evocatively named and vibrantly packaged blends embody the coffee culture perfectly.  Pick a blend to suit your mood and enjoy a perfect cup for relaxing or recharging.

I was particularly impressed by the decaff.  I try to limit my caffeine intake, but always feel so cheated when everyone enjoys a pot of real coffee and I'm there with an instant.  It is just not the same.  Coffee drinking is all about the brewing, the aroma, waiting to savour the rich's a ritual.   The decaff is smooth and full bodied.  It gave me the total coffee experience.  It is a perfect blend if you are trying to cut back on caffeine, but love coffee.  

Whether you love your perfect coffee moments or if you want something a bit special for the festive season, the Douwe Egberts Ground Coffees are now available for £3.14 for a 200g foil bag.

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