Friday, 11 November 2011

The Breakthrough Bra

A revolutionary new bra has launched and there's no spillage, back fat, wires, hooks or twisted straps in sight!  The New Image Genie bra has been designed for comfort and ultimate support and leaves you looking great.  At £39.95 for a three pack (black, white, nude), the bras are selling fast in the UK and it was the same story in the US where over 1 million were sold in under 4 weeks!

Over 80% of women are wearing ill fitting bras causing bad posture, chafing, neck and shoulder pain.  The New Image Genie Bra claims that you can wave good-bye to all those things.  Just match your dress size to your bra size and you'll have a comfy bra that conforms to your shape without the hassle of chest measurements or cup sizes.

The uniquely woven stretch fabric of the bra conforms to any size and never loses shape.  The 360 degree wide comfort band provides lift and support whilst the seamless cup design looks great under sheer tops.  Insert pockets offer more coverage when you slip in the extra soft full coverage support pads for an enhanced, shaplier look.
I thought a photo of a model in the bra was preferable to one of me wearing it!!
I was sent a genie Bra in nude to try out.  I know what it's like to wear ill-fighting bras...for years I was in 38B bras whereby I was eventually fitted into a size 36DD!  With a Genie bra, none of that matters, I got a medium which was for dress sizes 12.   The bra is just like a pull on crop top.  There are no bulges or overhangs and the straps fit comfortably on your shoulder so there is no digging in.  I was surprised at the support and shape that it gave my boobs.  It didn't flatten them at all and with a T-Shirt on the silhouette looked remarkably good.  The padding is subtle and can be removed but I did find it slipped a bit.  If it was an integral part of the bra it may be better.  The band did roll up a bit under my boobs with wear, so I was fiddling to adjust it during the day.  I think maybe because I am tall I could have done with longer straps to stop it riding up due to being under tension.

This bra isn't made to be super pretty...but it is very practical.  The design is very functional and I think it would be perfect for sports or to use as a maternity night bra.  It would also be great for women who struggle to do up hook and eyes behind their backs.  I am happy to wear this bra for everyday use, but if I was dressing up I'd still want to wear a super sexy, plunge bra in black lace (however less comfortable it was!)  Also, because of the design of the bra you couldn't wear it with anything low cut.

I don't think I will be throwing away my Wonderbras yet, but for days where I just want comfort they are a good alternative and infinitely better than a badly fitted bra that digs in and chaffs the skin.  Perhaps the real message here is to make sure you get fitted for the correct bra size and not suffer because of your underwear.  

A Genie Bra would definitely  be a good basic item in your undies drawer in the same way as you have your pairs of big pants...sometimes you need that level of comfort when a plunge bra and thong combo just won't do!!  In my opinion, this one size fits all approach is not going to completely revolutionize the bra industry, but it does offer an alternative that may prove beneficial to some women.

The New Image Genie Wonder Bra is available from or you can call freephone 0800 883 8224.


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