Monday, 28 November 2011

Mosh 'n' Chat Katsuma

Moshi Monsters are quite a phenomena, albeit one that has bypassed my own kids who aren't really big fans.  So when we received a Mosh 'n' Chat Katsuma, I didn't have any preconceptions of what to expect. 

The 30 cm tall orange plush toy looked like a typical anime character with its big eyes, huge head and fantasy appearance.  It is quite a cute looking toy.  If you press its tummy it begins to chatter and will continue to chat to you as long as you talk to it. However, it only speaks in its own Moshi language, which is basically gibberish.  Continually pressing his tummy causes it to giggle and laugh.

Katsuma is also meant to double up as a room guard for your bedroom.  A sensor should detect when people approach causing it to make a racket alerting you to any intruders.  This is an added feature that gives this toy a purpose. Unfortunately we couldn't get this to work despite our best efforts.  It just didn't detect us at all and sat silently instead.  

Freddy was quite excited having a toy that chatted to him and had a long lasting gibberish conversation.  It isn't ever going to assist his speech development, but he enjoyed the exchange.  But the novelty wore thin after a while.

Katsuma is quite a cute looking toy, but that is as far as his appeal goes.  If your kids are Moshi Monster fans, I'm sure they would love the Mosh 'n' Chat toy as a part of their Moshi Monster collection. It comes with an adoption certificate and code for a free in-game item.   However, we were not overly impressed by it.  Sorry Katsuma!


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