Friday, 4 November 2011

Lite Sprites...Light Up Your World With Colour

Welcome to the world of Lite-Topia, an enchanted land that shimmers with colour and light.  Little girls will be delighted to enter a world where colourful lights express feelings and emotions, and where beautiful Lite Sprites hang from the Tree of Light in their unique forest pod homes.  The magical Lite Sprites can be activated by a special wand which belongs to Prisma and makes Lite-Topia come alive with wonderful colour.  The magical wand can pick up and share colours and even has built in games for children to play.

There are four more Sprites Brook, Meadow, Astra and Bleak who form the sisterhood of light.  Each has her own special colour apart from poor Bleak who was raised in the dark and consequently has turned out to be a naughty sprite causing havoc in Lite-Topia using her powers to reject colour.  This is the fabulous story behind a range of toys which are really quite unique.

We were sent four Lite Sprites, Prisma and her Lite Wand and the Tree of Life from Wow Wee Toys so we could immerse ourselves into the exciting  world of Lite Sprites!

The wand really is quite magical.  It has a built in library of colours and interacts with the other sprites to change their colours when you point it at them and hold down the diamond button.  There are built in games and you can also hunt and collect colours from things around the home.  The wand encourages children to explore their environment to find new colours.  For younger children it is great for them to learn the name of the colours in a really interactive way.  The wand itself is really lovely to look at with its green tendrils wrapped around the orb of light.  The colourful lights and the diamond button look enchanting and magical.  There are spells children can do like the spell to unlock Bleak which allows her to change colour.  Bleak is my favourite sprite, the black sheep of Lite-Topia,  who is black and white until you cast the special spell on her which allows her to absorb colour for a short time.  Even at my age I was quite delighted by that!!  The sound effects, voice and colour really are appealing.  It is durable and sturdy too.

The Tree of Life is a magical tree house with music, light and sounds.  The Lite Sprite pods fit onto the leaves on the spinning roof.  There is a chair lift leading to a balcony and a staircase which has a sound effect as it rises up.  The whole thing lights up and the colour can be changed using the wand.  The roof spins and a carousel style tune is played as the sprites spin round in their pods and the lights flash different colours.  The set had a little lite-pet and a flower that doubles up as a ring for children to discover adding to the fun.

Kizzy, 9, and little brother Freddy, 3 played with the Lite Sprites, changing colours, casting spells and collecting colours.  The flashing, colourful, musical tree is quite delightful.  The Lite Sprites are actually very simple, non-articulated plastic dolls but the colourful lights elevate them into something quite special.  The wand is a very unique plaything that keeps kids (and adults!) entertained.  I have to admit that I did not really get the appeal of the Lite Sprites until I played with them.  They really do feel magical!  The technology which allows the wand to change the colour of the tree house and the sprites from a distance is just so clever!  Even my husband enjoyed playing with them, changing and collecting colours.   (Just don't tell him I told you this!)

The sprites can be used as night lights to give little ones some security at bedtime.  Prisma and the other sprites stays alight for a few minutes, just long enough for a child to drop off to sleep with the reassuring glow of a Lite Sprite for company.

The Lite Sprites capture a child's imagination and whether they are casting spells, collecting colours or playing with the delightful Tree of Life, the world of Lite Sprites is a wonderful place for imaginative play!

I'll leave you with a video of the Lite-Sprites in action with my Tiny Testers Kizzy and Freddy.

Lite Sprites £14.99 RRP
Tree of Life £39.99 RRP
Wand £29.99 RRP
The Lite Sprites are available at Amazon and other good toy retailers.


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