Saturday, 19 November 2011

Wild Science Face Mask Laboratory

Kizzy loves science and when Toys R Us sent her the Face Mask Laboratory it combined two of her favourite subjects!

The set includes everything needed to make luxury clay packs using ingredients used by top cosmetic brands.  Everything fits neatly into the workbench.   Products can be tested and personalised and are completely safe for the skin.  

The ethos of the company is great.  It is very positive for young girls and is not aimed at encouraging girls down the fashion and  beauty route.  Instead it helps young girls learn about their changing skin, have fun, feel good about themselves and be independent.  There is positive affirmation that they are beautiful!  Wild Science Girls aren't 'fashion sheep' and they have the attitude to resist the pressures to conform to destructive stereotypes.

The best place to do the Face Mask Laboratory is by the sink with access to clean water.  There is a "get your skills" section in the instruction book which teaches the child how to use the syringe and pipette, and how to measure with them.  It was a really good exercise that Kizzy enjoyed doing.  The instructions are very clear with step by step photos.  There are even some experiments to carry out on the ingredients and some facts and hints about skin, which adds to the educational value of this kit.

An allergy test of the ingredients is recommended.  Plastic gloves and a dust mask are included for safety.  There is also advice on the safety of storage of the finished product and use-by stickers to ensure freshness if you keep the face mask.   

The mask was easy to make and can be personalised with fragrance and colours.

Big sister Megan acted as Kizzy's guinea pig and tested out one of Kizzy's clay masks.  

This Face Mask Laboratory set was educational, fun, positive and produced a genuinely good end product that left the skin feeling fresh and clean.  

At £14.99 from Toys R Us, this is an excellent gift for girls aged 8 and up.


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