Monday, 28 November 2011

My First Number Flashcards

My First Number Flashcards from Ravensburger consists of 50 good sized cards which are designed to help your child with number recognition, counting and simple number problems.  They support early years numeracy and help develop number skills in children aged 3 and over.

I was impressed with the quality of the cards.  They are brightly coloured and printed with appealing designs which children will be attracted to.  They are printed onto quite sturdy and glossy card.

The set of cards includes pictorial representations of the numbers 0-20 in both written and numerical forms.

  The number word cards show the numeral and corresponding number of objects on one side with the written number word on the back.  Each picture shows a different object such as sheep, balls or puppies.

The numeral cards have the number on one side with the corresponding number of items on the other.  They are represented by ducks in a pond.

There are also cards showing the different operations: plus, minus, divide, equals and multiply.  This enables the introduction of simple number sentence work.

Three further cards have larger numbers on, 30, 40 and 50 to extend counting skills.

The instructions on the box give some ideas on how to use the cards with your child, from simple counting and number recognition exercises, to putting numbers in order or matching up the correct number to the corresponding picture card.  They make number work fun!!

Freddy is 2 and enjoyed counting the objects on the cards.  He is pretty good up to 14!  He will get lots of use from these cards as his skills develop so they would be a good investment for any toddler.  They also aid language development as the child names the different objects which is a bonus.  

The cards are available from Toys R Us for £5.99.


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