Friday, 11 November 2011

My Slatternous Blogplatz

I was tagged by Helen from The Crazy Kitchen to answer the question...where do I blog?  When we read the posts on the blogs that we love, do we ever wonder where the words were actually written?  Do we envisage a big old wooden desk in a book lined office?  Or possibly a high tech working space all in glass and chrome with a glass of Chablis on the side?  Or do we sometimes wonder whether our favourite blogger blogs from the bathroom between ablutions??  This meme aims to unveil the secret life of the blogger, and asks are you a saintly blogger who blogs from the sanctity of a hallowed place...or are you a slattern where anything goes!  (I had to Google the word Slattern...but it fits me a treat!)

So here is a photo of my Blogplatz...the seat on my sofa in my living room where I blog from.  Please note the ass indentation, I obviously sit down for way too long whilst I blog!  Also the oversized Starbuck's mug, the crumby plate from my lunchtime toasted rye bread.  A few of Fred's toys grace the scene too as he often hands me things as we stop and have a little play together.  I end up buried very quickly!  My Dodo Pad, a copy of the Metro newspaper and a Build A Bear birth certificate are beside me.  Fred's jeans and jumper are strewn on the sofa as he tends not to keep his clothes on when he is at home and I keep them on hand ready for a quick re-dress for the school run.

My workspace personifies slatterny...but it's where I work best.  I'm right next to Fred as he plays and watches CBeebies or Playhouse Disney.  He is never left alone, I constantly chat to him and play with him and
he comes for cuddles.  It suits me perfectly!  I tidy it all up at the end and puff up the sofa seat...ready for the next day's blogging!

So now I am going to tag the following folk to find out if they are a saint or a slattern.  So where do you blog....

Louise from Bloggomy
Lorraine from Squeaky Baby?

Go check up Bibsey for the original post!

Day 11 #NaBloPoMo


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