Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Sylvanian Families

For years Sylvanian Families have been delighting children with their whimsical animal characters and gorgeous, detailed accessories, which bring to life the idyllic and enchanting land of Sylvania.

The little animals are beautifully made with articulated limbs allowing some positioning.  They come dressed in adorable outfits with incredible attention to detail.  You can't help but be entranced by them!

I saw Flair's new Sylvanian Families range at Christmas in July and enjoyed looking at the exciting range of families including the new Meerkats in the fantastic display.  Everything is so sweetly made and conjures up images of country life and lazy summer days.  It is quite magical.


I was sent some Sylvanian Families sets to test out with my children.  I was secretly more excited than they were when the lovely Motorcycle and Sidecar and Wedding Celebration sets arrived.


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George and Mildred Mulberry are raccoons who enjoy riding around the country lanes of Sylvania in their motorcycle and sidecar.  With their matching helmets and George's goggles they look the part.  The bike and sidecar both have handy storage spaces where they can keep their manual, maps and countryside book.  Their little outfits are so cute.  Mildred has a pink scarf to keep her warm as it can get breezy in the sidecar!

The Wedding Celebration set was launched to coincide with the Royal Wedding earlier this year.  Catherine and William Rabbit look wonderful in their wedding attire and are ready for the big day!  Reverand Waters the Beaver is ready to oversee the ceremony, while the bridesmaids and page boy are on their best behaviour to ensure the perfect wedding day!

Sylvanian Families are recommended for ages 4 and up because of the small parts contained.  However Freddy absolutely loved the little characters.  He was particularly taken with the bride with her bouquet and veil!  Kizzy is 9 and adored them.  She regarded them more as collectibles to be looked at, arranged and admired, but she still loved acting out the wedding.  Her only wish was to have the backgrounds that you see on the boxes and in the adverts to complete the land of Sylvania!

Sylvanian Families are a timeless toy that spark a child's imagination, encouraging pretend play as they act out scenarios involving the characters.  The sets stand alone but you can add to your collection.  The range of houses, vehicles, accessories and furniture is huge.  You could end up spending an absolute fortune if you aren't careful!


The Wedding Celebration costs £24.99 (RRP) and the Motorcycle and Sidecar costs £26.99 ( RRP).  These are not cheap toys but are classics that retain their value and will last for years if treated with respect.  We love them!


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