Sunday, 27 November 2011

Listography....Cartoon Characters

This week Kate has us reminiscing about cartoon characters from our youth in this week's Listography.  Seeing Kate's list brought back fabulous memories of Mr Benn, Top Cat and Hong Kong Phooey, all firm favourites of mine.  But here is my definitive list!

1: Hairbear

The Hairbear Bunch was just awesome.  So much so, I even had a cat that we called Hairbear.  The 70's hippy bears spent all their time trying to escape from the zoo on their invisible motorcycle to go to parties or they'd chillax in the secret bachelor pad/cave conversion.  Trippy or what!?

2: Professor Pat Pending

I loved Wacky Races.  My sister and I always used to choose who we wanted to win.  I always went for Prof Pat Pending the science nerd.  I remember one episode where he won by averting Dick Dastardly's trap by making the Convert-A-Car sprout wheels on stilts to race across the finish line.  Good times indeed!

3: Mary, Mungo and Midge

Mary lived in a tower block in an inner city with her dog Mungo and her flute playing mouse Midge.  Together they had urban adventures!  In one episode they went to a building site and had a joy ride in a crane.  Health and Safety??  I don't think so!

4: Hercules from The Space Sentinels

My first cartoon based crush!  The blond hunk of manhood was Hercules, the super strong superhero who protected mankind from the evil Morpheus.  He worked with Mercury and Astrea onboard Sentinel One with the maintenance robot Mo.  Hercules was such a fitty with his tight trousers and headband combo.  Just look at that chiselled jaw and six pack.  So what if he is just a drawing!!!

5:  Count Duckula

Count Duckula is just brilliant!  The vampire duck is the result of a failed incarnation ritual where tomato sauce was accidentally used instead of blood which means "He won't bite beast or man, cos he's a vegetari-an!"  Marvellous!!  Igor, his butler is not happy serving a veggie vampire and misses the good old days filled with blood lust and mayhem.  Voiced by David Jason, Count Duckula was an inspired character in a cartoon that played homage to the old Hammer Horror films with Vincent Price-esque narrations.  Duckula has ambitions to be an entertainer and has no interest in his vampire lineage.  It should be brought back to TV for its massively catchy theme tune if nothing else!!


I didn't even get to include Trap Door, the Herbs, The Family Ness, Dogtanian and the Three Muskahounds or Ulysses.  But I have enjoyed a trip down memory lane!   Thanks Kate :) xxx


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