Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Teacup Piggies

If I won the lottery I would so buy some of those miniature pigs as pets!  Everyone loves those adorable little porkers, and quick to monopolise on the fad comes the toy Teacup Piggies from Tomy.  Toys R Us sent us one to test and Kizzy happily adopted Shimmy the Teacup Piggy.

Much easier to look after than the real thing, these super cute must have toys appeal to young girls who will enjoy taking care of them, feeding and dressing them.  They come in their own plastic teacup, with a feeding bottle and birth certificate.  The pig says one of 25 responses or phrases.  They talk, laugh and oink. The snout can be pressed or there are sensors on her back which are triggered when you pet her. There is also a sound sensor that allows her to respond to your voice.  If you lie your piggy on her side she snores.  If you tickle her nose she sneezes and tells you her nose is sensitive.

There are loads of accessories you can buy for the piggies and some of the phrases encourage children to pester parents to buy them.  It asks to be dressed in a new outfit although it comes au naturel, which is a bit of a sales ploy!  Outfits are of course sold separately.  She also wants to ride in her limo...this pig is not content with rolling in mud!  It could prove quite expensive to satisfy this diva pig's requests!

The velvety skin is very tactile and the design really is quite adorable, but I didn't like the precocious voice of the piggy.  I would prefer more of a country pig than a partying, city pig that says L.O.L. and wants to be a princess!  There are several piggies available, maybe some of the others will be less prima donna-ish!  I also do not understand why she is bottle fed implying she is a baby...but then she wants to go out partying and marry a prince??  Mmmm!

The Tea Cup Piggy is not a soft cuddly toy. It is quite small and hard with articulated plastic legs.   It is recommended for ages 6 and up.  It says you can take them everywhere you go and they will be your best friends.  It is a cute looking toy which is a good size to pop in a bag to take out with you to entertain your youngster.  Kizzy was quite taken with the Teacup Piggy and loved feeding her and sitting her in her teacup.  She does however like to treat her as a baby animal rather than as a Porcine Barbie! 

Tea Cup Piggies cost £14.99 from Toys R Us.


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