Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Kodak Big App Challenge

Kodak have just launched their Big App which lets anyone create big, beautiful images in giant poster size and beyond.  It works by breaking an image up into several sections which can then be printed out on multiple pages and pieced together to make wall art to liven up your home.  It has great potential with Christmas coming to make giant decorations or DIY scene setters!  The Big App site even has pictures you can print out, including a rather cuddly Santa who you could make life size and stick in the window to impress the neighbours and delight the kids!

Brit Mums are running a Kodak Big App Challenge where you simply post a photo that you would like to see given the Big App treatment.  Link up before November 22nd for your chance to win fabulous Kodak prizes.

This is my entry:

If this was giant size I could relive our brilliant French holiday, bringing the beautiful, beach front woodland and our family fun to life!

Uploading the photo to the app gives you a PDF showing each section of the photo.  My picture could be printed out on either 8 or a whopping 20 sheets of A4.  That would make a fabulous wall display.

I'm Taking Part in the Kodak Big App Challenge


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